It was October and I stopped by at one of Bangkok’s most popular shrines while walking around the center of Bangkok. It was hot and humid but the pull of Erawan Shrine, for both believers and tourists, is just too great to resist that, for the second time in 15 years, I was once again back at this place. It was early afternoon, but the area, at the center of Bangkok’s mecca of commercialism was teeming with people. Visitors, both from East Asia and China…Continue Reading “Faith is stronger at the Erawan Shrine”

Kisso Bento: a festival of taste and I was thrilled the moment I stepped in to Kisso, the well respected Japanese Restaurant at the 8th floor of the Westin Bangkok to have lunch. The coppery glow of the interior was inviting as I smiled in acknowledgement to the sweet greetings of two ladies who welcomed me. I love its zenlike but modern interiors. It’s unmistakably Japanese design but uses non traditional materials. It has a main dining area flanked at two sides with private dining…Continue Reading “Kisso Bento, a gustatory feast of colors, taste and textures”

I wasn’t really prepared for what awaited me that night when Nicole of Westin Bangkok invited me for dinner at Seasonal Tastes restaurant. Although she mentioned about a fresh seafood spread, I was shocked to see for myself the sheer variety at the buffet table. Crustaceans including rock lobsters, brown crabs and langoustines among the many variety of shellfish including oysters that were specifically sourced from Brittany, the Marennes-Oléron area and Belon River which are famous for these succulent and flavorful shellfish. The huge legs…Continue Reading “Seasonal Fish & Oysters Market: A refined dining concept in Bangkok”

I got excited upon seeing the urban landscape that is Bangkok from the glass windows of Altitude, Westin Bangkok’s rooftop function space at the 25th floor. But more so when Nicole led me to the terrace overlooking downtown. I got exhilarated and gazed at the spread of buildings and structures built in various times, in different sizes and different design. I went to the triangular viewdeck that gives you a better view below and marveled at the beautiful scenery. It was rather overcast and a…Continue Reading “Bangkok CBD urban landscape up close”

The bed. The lush carpeting. The mildly but pleasingly fragrant leaf shaped soap. Funny how these small things, little things that one tend to just overlook especially in a very busy and vibrant city like Bangkok can be interesting and make me notice. And these little things, among many other aspects made my stay at Westin Bangkok’s deluxe room memorable. It has been 15 years since I’ve last been to Bangkok and coming back to this city has been kind of a surprise with so…Continue Reading “Luxurious comfort at a Westin Bangkok suite”