I just learned that in Thong Lo (or Thonglor), an area in Bangok, it would be a bit harder to find local food as, being in the city’s happening area where locals flock to unwind and have fun after work, its more of restaurants and bars. Unless you’re in Soi 38 but I wasn’t and I need to find food for dinner. While walking, saw this ramen shop across the street. I love ramen but it has been two months since I had one and…Continue Reading “A delicious ramen discovery in Bangkok”

The afternoon was hot and humid as I made my way to Santichaiprakarn Park, a piece of greenery along Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River that used to be the location of an old sugar mill. I got a tip that something will happen between 1500H and 1800H and I got excited when I read about it and made the effort to travel from Lat Phrao in Chatuchak where I stayed for a few days, took the Skytrain to Saphan Thaksin, rode the scenic tourist river cruise…Continue Reading “1600+ pandas invade Bangkok”

I’m always on the lookout for something local whenever I go to places. That’s why, after a villa shoot in Kamala, in Phuket, Thailand where I spent a month, I stumbled into a local eatery owned by a Muslim. Southern Thailand has a sizable muslim community, owing to its proximity to the northern border with Peninsular Malaysia and it is also one of the reasons why south Thai food is rich and diverse because of the many influences across the centuries. Now this eatery is…Continue Reading “Khanom sod sai, a delicious Thai delicacy”

I was staring forlornly at my piece of tortilla pizza while comfortably ensconced at the chair at Tom N Toms Coffee at the Limelight branch in Phuket Town. It was New Years Eve and while the new year was earlier celebrated back in the home country, it was still a few minutes more in Thailand. I’m having my own media noche as it’s just another day in a predominantly Buddhist country. I should be in Thailand before 2015 ends. That was my resolve and it…Continue Reading “Spending the holidays away from home, in Phuket”

It was October and I stopped by at one of Bangkok’s most popular shrines while walking around the center of Bangkok. It was hot and humid but the pull of Erawan Shrine, for both believers and tourists, is just too great to resist that, for the second time in 15 years, I was once again back at this place. It was early afternoon, but the area, at the center of Bangkok’s mecca of commercialism was teeming with people. Visitors, both from East Asia and China…Continue Reading “Faith is stronger at the Erawan Shrine”