Limasawa Island

I’ve always been fascinated with the island of Limasawa Island. Other than its fame in history books, my grandmother, a public school teacher used to tell me in jest: Limasawa, lima ka asawa (five wives). Despite that early familiarization, it was only when I was turning 42 when I decided to spend a few days in the island, unplugged from the online world. Kind of strange for one who is a blogger and spends a big chunk of one’s time online but to stop, ruminate…Continue Reading “Unplugged for a few days in Limasawa Island”

It was the second day of spending a quite time in Limasawa, part of my yearly unplug travel to celebrate my birthday which I have done a few years already. The sun was out, blue skies and the sea was calm when I awoke that early February morning. Having prepared my stuff and had taken breakfast, the resort’s caretaker called out that my habalhabal ride just arrived. Perfect! I said to myself, excited of my plans for the day. Limasawa Island is an elongated stretch…Continue Reading “Limasawa Island’s historic Magellan Shrine”