For a brief moment, I was there, staring with my supertelephoto lens her gaping mouth while several thousand feet above the ground. Looking at Bulusan Volcano in Sorsogon.

The San Bernardino Strait or better known during the Spanish colonial era as the Embocadero de San Bernardino is a narrow waterway separating the islands of Luzon and Samar.

Eons ago: worldwide waterlevels were so low that the islands of Luzon and Samar were connected by a land bridge that made it possible for species to cross and disperse both ways.

Travelers ready to board the Santa Clara roro ferry in Matnog, Sorsogon.

theLOOP map_bicol.gif 1300H and I was just at the nick of time that I arrived at the pier after a long journey. I was still able to catch the roro ferry in Matnog, Sorsogon bound for Allen, Samar and was thankful enough since I was spared of waiting another two hours for the next trip.

What I like about the Matnog – Allen route is that its just short: one hour and a half compared to longer roro trips (about 4 hours and more) that I had before like the Palompon (Leyte) – Danao City (Cebu), the Argao (Cebu) – Loon (Bohol) or even later, if you’re lucky to clock in at 4 hours the Caticlan (Aklan) – Roxas (Mindoro Oriental) routes. Here, you just sit, or watch the seascape or ruminate on the historic San Bernardino Strait, eat some snack and, BANG, your already at your destination!

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A lady of the cloth, taking her comfy front seat at a van terminal bound for Bulan, Sorsogon.

theLOOP map_bicol.gif I was already tired and sleepless when I arrived in Daraga, Albay at around 0700H. And God, it was a rather drab morning and wet with the slow but constant drizzle. Nevertheless, I dragged myself to a waiting tricycle before catching a jeepney to Legazpi City where I had a quick breakfast.

This was not the first time that I have been in the city in this kind of weather. But when it’s like this, not seeing Mt. Mayon is depressing. I mean, come on, the only thing that a visitor expects to see here is the majestic cone. But unexpectedly, just before my ride left for Bulan in Sorsogon, the mountain beauty peeked through the clouds, faintly. Its almost indiscernible outline rising into the sky like a bride looking through her veil. For a brief few seconds I was mesmerized before she hid again. Maybe she knew my predicament and consoled me with her appearance? It was enough for me though to see her and have her image cloaked with clouds etched in my mind.

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