Pia y Damaso

Chef Bamby Sy-Gobio offers ‘subversive’ Filipino cuisine in her Greenbelt 5 Mall restaurant, Pia y Damaso with heirloom dishes and Pinoy food with a twist. Browsing through, a flash of familiarity swept in as the list of names, unlocked from a distant memory, tumbled out: Placido Penitente, Doña Victorina, Kabesang Tales, and that unforgettable and lamentable name, Sisa. It is not a list of characters for a play at a theater somewhere. While based on Jose Rizal’s two landmark novels, the Noli Me Tangere and…Continue Reading “Pia y Damaso, where Jose Rizal’s characters come to life”

I took a flight of stairs up to the third floor of a building in the heart of Burgos St. in Makati, way past sexy girls hanging out of club doors, walked under glaring neon lights and signages of intoxicating fun. Past a lotto outlet with a beeline of people hoping for luck and arrived at a cozy lobby that I didn’t think would fit in. The whitewashed walls, plush sofa, two big potted plants exuded comfort but the red sign that reads LOKAL HOSTEL…Continue Reading “An interesting local hostel in Makati City”