Masjid Al-bukhari

Closer to the southern border of Thailand than to Kuala Lumpur, the state capital of Kedah has interesting architecture that the traveler can visit. Alor Setar Architecture is mostly historic and heritage enthusiasts will definitely enjoy these old structures. Apart from these heritage buildings, there are also a few modern ones worthy of mention. Masjid Al Bukhary The Masjid Al Bukhary in the Al Bukhary Complex is an impressive Alor Setar architecture. The mosque’s white walls topped with beautiful lapis lazuli domes make it a…Continue Reading “Beautiful Alor Setar Architecture for a memorable visit”

It was still early morning as the sun was still a few degrees from the horizon as shadows fell on the facade of old shop houses lining the main street. I hired a cab to take me around the city center and its main attractions and for the succeeding hours till before my bus trip back to Kuala Lumpur. I was still sleepy, having arrived the previous afternoon at the Shahab Perdana bus terminal after several hours on the road from Malaysia’s capital. After dinner…Continue Reading “A worthwhile visit to Alor Setar”

Kedah State Art Gallery Alor Setar Architecture

At the main city center just within a stone’s throw from the Masjid Zahir and Balai Besar is a beautiful octagonal tower which looks more like a church belfry in the Philippines. The Balai Nobat is actually a storage place for royal musical instruments used in ceremonies. It was first built in 1735. Just near the Balai Besar is the beautiful colonial structure of the Balai Seni Negeri, the State Art Museum. Its a stately architecture that used to be a courthouse and now hosts…Continue Reading “Other notable sites in Alor Setar”

Zakaria Laksa. I’ve tasted laksa in Sentosa (Singapore) and really, the creaminess and spiciness is something that can be memorable. But that heavily curried dish was just one of the many varieties. In Alor Setar, there’s one that many attest, to be one of the best laksas in Malaysia. Laksa is a soupy noodle dish that is found in Malaysia and Singapore. In Alor Setar, there’s a unique variety that was started by Don Laksa and carried on by his in-law, Zakaria, laksa teluk kechai…Continue Reading “Where to eat in Alor Setar”

Kota Kuala Kedah

The ride from the capital city, Alor Setar was long, 10 kilometers to the mouth of the Kedah River in Kuala Kedah, but the scenic countryside and good roads were enough to make the trip comfortable and not boring. There, at the coast is an interesting fort that was built during the 17th century by the Portuguese, strengthened in 1771 by Sultan Abdullah Mukarram Shah and has been a silent witness to the struggles of Kedah, the Portuguese and British, the ruling sultans and the…Continue Reading “Kuala Kedah Fort”