The blue hour was already at hand when, at the corner of my eye, flickering firelights caught my attention across Lagen Island where I stayed for the night. Curious, I set up my tripod, supertelephoto lens and camera and focused. And I smiled. How romantic! An ongoing candle lit dinner at a lonely sandbar between two islands. I couldn’t make up their faces but I just felt happy for them while the motorized outrigger boat was anchored a few meters with the crew. Were promises…Continue Reading “Spotted: Romantic dinner at a sand bar in El Nido”

The sea was calm as the outrigger boat’s inconsiderate roaring of its motor broke the stillness of the hour as I was in transit from Brother Island, where I stayed for four nights, to Dipnay in San Fernando, a barrio of El Nido in Palawan Island, at 0430H. While traveling in near total darkness, I gazed up the night sky and was just stunned at what I saw: the universe was spread out in a breathtaking stellar show! For the longest time that I can…Continue Reading “A stunning and magnificent view while crossing the sea in darkness”