We pulled over at a forested area along the main highway where the road slightly descends at a bend. The area is cool because of the canopy of trees and after negotiating a flight of steps, got to the park grouds. A breeze blew, rustling branches and leaves as an old lady was busy sweeping the pavement. The cave’s opening contrasted with the rock wall. We walked closer and leaned over. At first we can’t see a thing but as our eyes managed to adapt…Continue Reading “The tragic history of Luyang Cave in Catanduanes”

Tigayon Hill, around three kilometers from the town of Kalibo is an interesting place to visit. It’s primarily made of limestone that has been overgrown with vegetation and this only means one thing: the presence of several caves and cavities, thus, it is also where you can find Tigayon Cave. At first glance, the huge balete tree can give you the creeps with its size and the tangle of roots at its base that go down over rocks and almost to the cave. It’s branches…Continue Reading “The creepy balete in Tigayon Hill”

I entered the Monfort property in Brgy. Tambo in Samal City and came into one of the corralled areas. As I edged closer to the cave’s opening, the temperature rose, the hissing sounds grew louder and the musky, ammonia like odor grew stronger. This should be it, I’m near… Like some creepy horror film, there, on the ground, beside a big creepily formed tree was a hole in the ground. A black hole teeming with creatures that makes your hair stand up. With the sounds…Continue Reading “Have you been to the biggest bat colony in the Philippines?”

Our Southeast Asian neighbors have nothing of this type of archaeological find. We should be extremely proud as Filipinos in discovering the amazing anthropomorphic potteries, which could suggest the backbone of our own culture.