It’s always a delight to discover interesting food that you can say, wow, this is a great discovery worthy of another visit! That food is at Woodstone Kitchen with its take on Bicol cuisine with a twist by its owner, Chef Ton Castillo. Although Chef Ton is not from Bicol, his father is from Batangas and mother from Zamboanga but is from Manila, frequent visits to Naga City even as a child, growing up and attending school in the city and eventually calling it home,…Continue Reading “Bicol cuisine with a twist at Woodstone Kitchen”

I was in transit from Manila to Naga City by bus and with no prior arrangements for a hotel accommodation, I called some hotels but unfortunately, no rooms within my budget were available. And it was then that I remembered about Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant that I first learned about when we dined at Cafe Barlin. Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant used to be an old house, probably early 20th century that has been converted into a hotel. The ground floor has…Continue Reading “Where to stay in Naga City: Hillary & Andrew Hostel & Restaurant”

There’s always something to look forward to in old chinese restaurants. The fact that it has been there for decades attest to its good food and Naga City is not an exception. Naga Garden Restaurant is one such diner. It has a loyal following, the food is good and the mami is a must. Add in the toasted siopao, which it claims as one of those who started it, and you’re in foodie heaven. The first restaurant was located near Plaza Rizal in 1969 that…Continue Reading “Mami! Mami! Mami! At Naga Garden Restaurant”

Casita Mia Bed and Breakfast is located a little farther before the town center and a good distance from the beach front, inside an alley that is quiet. It has comfortable rooms and offer respectable breakfast that is the usual: tocilog, tapsilog, and other silog varieties together with 3-in-1 instant coffee. The room size is just enough, well for the one where we stayed at and the bed comfortable. When we were there last year, internet is limited to the lobby only. To get to…Continue Reading “Casita Mia Bed and Breakfast, where to stay in Caramoan”

The Caririga River in Pili, Camarines Sur is quite interesting for waterfall lovers. Flowing down the slopes of Mt. Isarog, an hour’s hike, or depending on your gait, it’s possible to see eight waterfalls! Just imagine, eight cascades of different sizes and height and you get to enjoy one of Bicol’s wild areas! Best of all, its just close to Naga City. The trail leads you to one of the undisturbed areas of Mt. Isarog, in Barangay Curry that is also historic in terms of…Continue Reading “8 waterfalls in 1 hour! Waterfalling adventure in Pili”