Three hours after arriving in Abu Dhabi International Airport, the Air France plane started its ascent and, flying westerly to our final destination, Paris, the most surreal landscape unfolded before me. Deserts. Different shades of brown stretching into the horizon. A martian scene that caught me off guard, surprised despite havng seen the Middle East and its landscape in images and videos. I was just transfixed at the seeming beauty but all I can think of is that I can’t possibly live there. Sooner, the…Continue Reading “Dispatch #02 Flying over deserts and the Cradle of Civilization”

After the past few days that I’ve been jittery and anxious, I’ve finally embarked last night for my trip to Europe. The check in would have been smooth at NAIA Terminal 1 if not for the near foul up at the check in counter when the Etihad staff insisted that I present the credit card or give the card number to them despite having a note written that it has already been verified in France. I had to call my contact in Paris and, after…Continue Reading “Dispatch #01: Touchdown Abu Dhabi”