It was five months since the the pandemic lockdown started that I just missed traveling so much. And out of the blue, wrote down some travel musings last 25 August, 2020. Here’s what I posted… Photo above taken at the Abu Dhabi airport as we were heading to the terminal for the connecting flight to Paris, 2013. The Americas I will travel to Canada to visit family. But before that, I will stop in South Korea for two weeks to avail of the no visa…Continue Reading “Travel musings from August 2020”

This bingka in Talisay is a classic and a delicious local delicacy that Estrellita Villaver has been cooking and selling for the past 35 years. I grew up with this delicacy and we used to buy it from an ambulant vendor who pass by our house every afternoon. Every November 1 and 2, for All Souls Day, there are several stalls selling this along the narrow road leading to the Talisay cemetery. This is so common and a hot, steaming bingka is one of the…Continue Reading “Where to buy hot and delicious bingka in Talisay”

It’s clean and affords you the privacy you need at a budget, this space capsule hotel in Kota Kinabalu is highly recommended. I have to confess. I don’t like staying in hostels. I’m not just comfortable sleeping in a dorm room with complete strangers. That’s why, I always go for a hotel room. But if budget or time is scarce, then I will go for a capsule hotel. Not just any other capsule hotel like the one I first tried in Tokyo, for that matter,…Continue Reading “Space Capsule Hotel in Kota Kinabalu”

I never thought that such a luxury resort in Culion exists! Eclipsed by the more popular town of Coron, Culion has always been under the radar for visitors. Unless you’re a history buff and adventurer. Culion used to be a leper colony starting in 1906 during the American colonial period. And during the Spanish era, it was part of a network of defenses in the Calamianes archipelago with a fortress church complex built atop a promontory. The island today is a sleepy town with occasional…Continue Reading “A luxury resort in Culion you should visit”

This new cafe in Pardo opened a few months ago and its an intimate place perfect for your caffeine and sugar fix. Although they have limited food available to pair your beverages with for now, the selection is surprisingly good. Pardo is not only known for its beautiful citadel like Spanish colonial era church, one of the most unique churches in the Philippines, but for two popular local halo halo brands, and Ginabot sa Pardo as well. I was able to visit the cafe early…Continue Reading “Cafe Eufemia, an intimate and cozy cafe in Pardo”