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Get this good wireless travel mouse

If you travel and work often, the Logitech Pebble is a good wireless travel mouse.

As a freelancer who travels and needs to work wherever, whenever possible, investing in a good travel mouse for my laptop is a must. Gone are the days of wired mice but in my experience, the form factor is mostly boring and bulky, even if they are wireless either via Bluetooth or use radio frequencies. But then, there’s Logitech’s Pebble.

Logitech Pebble wireless travel mouse
Fits perfectly in my hand

Reliable wireless travel mouse

What I like about the Logitech Pebble is its form factor and reliability. It really does gets the work done without the bulk. Using it for the first time, I love its smooth feel although at first, I had to get used to it’s thickness which was way thinner than what I was using before. I do love its design: a capsule like shape, thicker at the rear end and sloping downwards for better ergonomics.

It’s also wireless, using both Bluetooth and radio frequency to communicate between mouse and, in my case, laptop. For the latter, a USB receiver is provided that can be placed at its slot just near the AA battery receptacle. There’s no need to worry about losing this small item. The rubber mouse wheel is also smooth and responsive.

Logitech Pebble wireless travel mouse
Logitech Pebble uncovered showing the radio frequency receiver that fits inside the slot near the battery

I do love the Logitech Pebble, a good and reliable wireless travel mouse that slips perfectly into my laptop case. It doesn’t add to the bulk because of its slim form factor, quiet and, of course, with two wireless options. Because my laptop has just two USB slots, Bluetooth is the way to go. This is a highly recommended gear for highly mobile travelers and digital nomads.