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Khao Rang Phuket for great panoramic views

I really didn’t plan to go up Khao Rang Phuket the last time I visited this island. But since I was doing Ingress missions wherein I need to hack portals at the summit, I flagged a taxi and went up it’s winding road a few minutes from the center of Phuket Old Town. It was a little past noon, very hot and humid that I bought overpriced durian flavored popsicle and a bottle of mineral water to cool down.

So close to the town

Khao Rang Phuket (Rang Hill) is a popular tourist destination in Phuket Old Town. At just 21 meters high, it gives great panoramic views of its surroundings. There’s a tower and a viewdeck at the summit, a restaurant and some souvenir shops. There’s also a monument dedicated to an early 20th century governor of Phuket, Khaw Sim Bee. I do love the sort of park here. It’s cool with lots of tall trees and other flora. There are benches and tables under the shade. But beware though of the monkeys inhabiting the top as they can be aggressive and can steal your food or belongings.

I just went to the viewdeck, finished my Ingress mission, explored a little bit the area at the summit and after I cooled down with the iced treat and water and observed the monkeys, I started my descent. This time, I didn’t take the taxi but walked down, following the road to the town. It’s also a great way to observe more of the vegetation. As it was downhill, not too tiring. I think the views are better in late afternoon or at dusk when the city lights start to flicker.

Khao Rang Phuket
The elevated platform offering panoramic views
The view of Phuket Old town from Khao Rang Viewdeck
Khao Rang Phuket
The tower at the viewdeck
View from the tower
Khao Rang Phuket
Top view of the tower at the viewdeck
Monument to Khaw Sim Bee (1857 – 1916), former governor of Phuket. I just don’t know why they painted this in that color
The summit is a tree covered park with trails around