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The monsters and creatures inside Elicon House

Lean Reboja
The artist with his monsters and creatures

Elicon House at the intersection of P del Rosario and Junquera Sts in Cebu City looks just any ordinary pension house. In fact, it’s known as an affordable place to stay in the city that is just a stone’s throw from one of the biggest universities in Cebu, the University of San Carlos – Main campus. But within the structure is not only a bike museum, perhaps, the one and only in Cebu but the artist Lean Reboja has transformed the walls of the stairs into a colorful rendition of nature and his pantheon of creatures and monsters.

I first saw images of Elicon House from Lean’s Instagram account (check that out too!) and got curious. Having been documenting street art, first in Cebu, I have seen his early wall mural art around the city and have been hooked ever since.

This was a fun project to begin with. I am a good friend with the owner, Edna Lee. She gave me the artistic freedom to play with the hotel’s walls. As long as the concept discusses about nature conservation and has a flora and fauna vibes to it. She also gave me the chance to include my characters as part of the storytelling. The project was done for a month in 2017.

– Lean Reboja

Check my feature of the artist at my portfolio site,

Nature, and more

Philippine animals like the tarsier, the Philippine eagle, butanding (whale shark), tamaraw (anoa) and deer populate the walls. Other creatures are swimming while others are amidst a background of verdant hills and blue rivers. As you go up the floors, natural creatures give way to the artist’s own fauna and anthropomorphological creatures.

A robed denizen with the head of a hornbill. A dark blue human like creature with its head seemingly ablaze permanently while holding a big bird. Red and light blue hair, blue skin. And that curious red bodied man riding a bike, peeking from a mound, or almost fully revealed up front just as you reach the top floor, Lean’s alter ego. At the top floor corridor, more nature drawings decorate below the windows.

The wall paintings of Lean Reboja at the Elicon House is such a treat. Colorful and vibrant, interesting and intriguing. One has to see it for himself to truly appreciate the genius of the artist.

Elicon House
A tamaraw, hornbill, butanding and that red guy
Lean Reboja
“Honor the sacred, honor the earth, our Mother. Honor the Elders. Honor all with whom we share the Earth. Four-legged, two legged, winged ones, swimmers, crawlers, plant and rock people. Walk in balance and beauty.”
Lean Reboja
Philippine creatures and more
Elicon House
Tarsiers, Philippine eagle, deer and other worldly creatures
Elicon House
Each floor has different creatures and monsters
Elicon House
A bike cues you of the Bike Museum inside the Elicon House
Lean Reboja
The Cebu based artist, Lean Reboja with three of his characters

I’ve been documenting street art in Cebu, around the Philippines and in the countries I’ve visited since January 2018 and you can check out my Instagram profile, LangyawStreet.

Elicon House
Corner P. del Rosario & Junquera St., Cebu City
6000 Cebu City, Philippines
(032) 255 0300

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