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Firefish, the best restaurant in Coron Palawan

Out came the clay and artsy serving plate of the the chicken inasal. Glistening in the middle on top of a rectangular strip of banana leaf is half a boneless chicken barbecue with pink peppercorns. Curly scallion strips and a small dipping soy sauce completed the ensemble. The aroma was wonderful barbecue goodness. My knife glided effortlessly through the chicken meat, skewered a piece and tasted it. And for once, I was in chicken inasal heaven. Tender. Juicy. And it was just so darn good that until now, my travel companion, RJ, still remembers the dish with fondness. I can even say it was the best chicken inasal that I have tasted in my life. Even better than the ones I tried in Bacolod. And this was a fitting dish that started our two day stay in Club Paradise, at the best restaurant in Coron Palawan.

Firefish Restaurant is the signature dining outlet of the exclusive Club Paradise in Palawan. It was the former Ocean Restaurant where I had a sumptuous five course dinner three years ago. For this second visit, I was equally enthralled at savoring the delectable dishes it offers within the duration of our stay. Although there’s no specific cuisine, it does offer delicious local and international dishes, ranging from Filipino and Asian.

It has great sandwiches, hot and cold appetizers, dimsum, soups and salads, noodles, meat and seafood, vegetables, different rice dishes, kiddie food and, of course desserts. But the restaurant is especially proud of its Asian inspired barbecues, the Off The Coals, their Island Signature, where you can choose to have a platter (that includes macaroni salad and rice or cornbread bibingka) for groups, or create your own with a good selection of meat (pork or beef ribs, chicken and tiger prawns) with varied rubs/sauces/marinades then paired with side dishes. 

Dishes that stood out

It was impossible to taste all that was in the menu, considering the time and budget. But…

If there’s one dish that you should not miss in the best restaurant in Coron Palawan, then it should be the chicken inasal. Simple yet flavorful. Succulent. It’s a palate pleaser that will definitely recalibrate your tastebuds. It was JUST SO DARN GOOD! So good that it will be my standard when comparing other chicken inasal dishes from now on. The spiciness is just right too. So don’t forget this one.

I really loved the lechon kawali. Crisp and crunchy, especially the rind and exterior but still tender and juicy inside. It’s how lechon kawali should be. The salted egg salad provides a counterpoint, a palate cleanser while the meat to fat ration is just right. Same with the fish and chips. Crispy texture outside, great inside. The fries greaseless and firm.

The Royale Burger stood out not only for its size but flavor as well. Really juicy and good. Filling. Although I would have preferred a more crisp bacon but I didn’t mind as I was really digging the great tasting patty. 

For the dessert, I was reveling in the rather unusual but interesting chocolate cake with sweet and semi saltiness of the peanut butter filling as well as the burnt banana ice cream, rather new flavors especially the latter. We only had this one dessert as each time we dined, the servings were rather big and filling that we had to forego it. 

Buffet breakfast

Ah, the buffet breakfast. Although not as extensive compared to the bigger spreads in other The Discovery Leisure Company properties, the basics, and more are well covered. Standard eggs and bread, a choice of fruits and pastries and other desserts, yoghurt, both regular and Greek, the latter, I was really digging it! There were noodles and pasta too and other expected breakfast fare. But then, after you’ve have had your fill, just don’t forget to get a piece of the leche flan. So creamy and delicious, even with the burnt caramel sauce. The first time I had it, I was amazed at its taste, the velvety texture makes you forget your diet, if you had one. Although some of the dishes and offers differ daily, I was happy that the leche flan was still there the next day. Too bad, they don’t offer it at the regular dessert menu.

best restaurant in coron, palawan
Deliciously crisp and crunchy Lechon Kawali with sliced salted egg and tomato salad, homemade atchara and sweet soy vinegar sauce and liver sauce
best restaurant in coron, palawan
Fish & Chips (beer batered, spicy tartart sauce and hand cut fries)
best restaurant in coron, palawan
Royale Burger, US Angus beef patty cooked to preferred doneness (mine was medium), tomato, lettuce, onions and pickles with homemade brioche buns)
best restaurant in coron, palawan
Clockwise from top right: Pad Thai (rice noodles, chicken, tofu, shrimp and Palawan cashews), Signature Chocolate Cake (moist chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and a scoop of burnt banana ice cream), Thai Chicken Curry (green coconut curry, aromatics, blistered tomatoes and crispy potatoes) and, Pork Ribs with Firefish BBQ sauce
Firefish Restaurant & Lounge
Club Paradise Palawan
Dimakya Island, Coron, Northern Palawan
+63 917 827 9852