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How the New Norton 360 Protects Your Computer

You know that you need antivirus protection for your computer to protect your system from viruses. But what if you could stop viruses, malware and spyware before they even made it to your computer? The good news is that you can do just that with the protection provided by a security system made just for your internet use, like Norton 360. The new Norton 360 2013 provides complete protection for you no matter where you go online, no matter what you do online and no matter what time or day you’re doing it.

Like all internet security systems for online protection, Norton 360 is installed on your computer and works with all of your browsers. But the new Norton is more proactive, ensuring that you have protection at all times and receives alerts for all potential and real threats. Unlike some other systems, the new Norton also features global threat monitoring to keep your threat database up to date at all times. With this technology you can do whatever it is you need to do online without worrying. As with all security systems you need to choose the right one for your computer, your needs and your budget. Norton 360 program is one of the safest ways to protect yourself when you are on the web. Make sure that you keep yourself safe from online hackers and invest in Norton 360.


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