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10 interesting cemeteries in the Philippines you should visit

Necropolis, the city of the dead. Like in any cultures, Filipinos have a deep respect for the departed ancestors. From prehispanic, Spanish colonial era to modern times, tribes and modern society, cemeteries in the Philippines provide an interesting aspect of its culture, architecture and other practices. In this list, I’ve compiled some noteworthy sites covering […]


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Where to get butterbeer in Cebu

Butterbeer. If you’ve been following the Harry Potter series, either in movies or in books, it’s a popular drink that the main protagonists enjoy. In Cebu, Marco Polo Cebu Plaza hotel is the only place where you can try their version of the drink. I like its thick, caramel flavor although it’s something new, but […]

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Davao City is exciting because of the many tourism spots it has. Not only is it a haven for advenutre and nature, but foodies will greatly enjoy this vibrant city. Where to eat in Davao City? That might be one of the simple questions that visitors would most likely ask. Where? I’m happy to say […]

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