I’m always on the lookout for something local whenever I go to places. That’s why, after a villa shoot in Kamala, in Phuket, Thailand where I spent a month, I stumbled into a local eatery owned by a Muslim. Southern Thailand has a sizable muslim community, owing to its proximity to the northern border with Peninsular Malaysia and it is also one of the reasons why south Thai food is rich and diverse because of the many influences across the centuries. Now this eatery is…Continue Reading “Khanom sod sai, a delicious Thai delicacy”

There’s no question about it. There are days that you just have to stop, go somewhere to relax and have yourself pampered. And for the weary soul, Bohol beckons. Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort is one of several resorts in Panglao Island for relaxing and cocooning, that concept of just staying at the hotel doing nothing is where it is best of. But it’s also a good enough base to explore the province. Either you’re alone, with your partner or with your family, the resort has…Continue Reading “Having a great time at Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort”

I was staring forlornly at my piece of tortilla pizza while comfortably ensconced at the chair at Tom N Toms Coffee at the Limelight branch in Phuket Town. It was New Years Eve and while the new year was earlier celebrated back in the home country, it was still a few minutes more in Thailand. I’m having my own media noche as it’s just another day in a predominantly Buddhist country. I should be in Thailand before 2015 ends. That was my resolve and it…Continue Reading “Spending the holidays away from home, in Phuket”