The interior of Capiz is quite interesting. Not only are there several waterfalls like Kalikasan and Malinamon Falls but there are also beautiful caves. I’ve visited two in the landlocked municipality of Dumalag: Lahab and Suhot Caves within a natural spring resort compound. Lahab is stunning and creepy. It’s mouth dark with several stalactites visible from the entrance, giving it a menacing look. Devilish. A probable portal to the underworld of which Capiz is rumored to be the haven of such creatures? But those are…Continue Reading “Caving and cold spring in Dumalag”

It was a short but easy trek amidst farmlands (think of rice terraces in Mindanao!) and a small patch of forest when I visited the two waterfalls of Barangay Ditoray in Pagadian City years ago. The first one was smaller while the second is taller, has four levels and just amazing! There was nothing much interesting in the city proper that I decided to explore the waterfalls within the area. A quick search online yielded guides but the once in Ditoray seemed to appeal to…Continue Reading “An amazing multi-level waterfalls in Pagadian!”

Capusan Beach in Cuyo is fast rising to be a kiteboarder’s haven in this small island. Just opposite the municipality’s wharf, it has a wide sandy beach that tapers into a sandbar. The water is pristine and during the Amihan, northwest monsoon (October-March), it’s quite windy. It has been eight long years since I first visited the island of Cuyo when I did a coffee table book project on Philippine heritage churches. I got fascinated with the island and vowed to come back and explore…Continue Reading “Capusan Beach: Rising destination for kiteboarding in Cuyo”

I love Iloilo! There’s always reason to look forward to like food, of which I frequent Madge Cafe and Netong’s Batchoy, almost every morning for my batchoy breakfast, old houses and other heritage structures. But there’s another must visit food place in the Old La Paz Market where I go to for dessert: the ube brazo de mercedes of La Paz Bakery. It’s sumptous! The meringue of the ube brazo is soft and smooth. The delicious sweet center, made from the yolk of eggs and…Continue Reading “Delicious ube brazo at La Paz Bakery”