While waiting for my ride after a photoshoot in Balamban back to Cebu City, a vendor came up to me and offered me her ware, packs of bingka dawa, three pieces wrapped in banana leaves for just P25 ($0.55). I’m a fan of native delicacies and bought two packs, especially after she mentioned that she supplies these to West 35, a highland resort that I’ve stayed at last year and where I first tasted this delicious rice cake. Most Filipinos love rice cakes. In Cebu,…Continue Reading “Bingka dawa, delicious rice cake”

This post follows my two previous Mindanao travels: 1828 KM in 14 days and 1036 KM in 6 days. Got another ticket and this time it was Cebu-Siargao-Cebu. What to do? But of course, traveling in northeastern Mindanao and tread the path of memory as well as discover new ones. It was almost ten years ago that I’ve been to Siargao, my first with my amour, back when the tourist trail hasn’t been developed much. Of course, there was already the three island tour. My…Continue Reading “Mindanao travel: 1000 KM in 5 days”

It was drizzling. Rain droplets randomly dropping on any surfaces: on the leaves, on the bark of trees, on my skin, on my hair, on the wet ground and on the pool of water. But I didn’t care. Malabsay Falls, one of the beautiful waterfalls in Naga City was before me. Cascading in torrents, dropping 40 feet from the rock wall’s lip, plunging into the 20 feet deep water below. I was mesmerized. Waterfalls always refreshes the tired soul. It always lifts sagging spirits and…Continue Reading “Cool and beautiful Malabsay Falls in Naga City”

Coming to Bicol? The land of Mayon and pili is famous also for its chili loving people and its no wonder that this love for peppers will also find its way to popular comfort food. There’s sili ice cream and in one of the restaurants within the Cagsawa Ruins area, buko shake with chili is offered. Tender young coconut blended with ice, milk and sugar and infused with a minced chili peppers is enough to make this novelty item a sensation among us, non Bicolanos…Continue Reading “Chili shake at the Cagsawa Ruins”

This last week of July marks the final leg of Spiral’s Tour de France which showcases the cuisine of Savoy. This event pays tribute to the most anticipated and iconic cycling event, now on its 100th year. Started in the month of July, the past three weeks presented a different region: Nice, Perigord, and Brittany. Prepared by Sofitel’s Regional Chef for Asia Pacific and Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s Executive Chef, Eric Costille, be prepared to be entranced with a gustatory selection. Experience France like never before…Continue Reading “Savoy cuisine at Spiral’s Tour de France”