There’s a whole lot to cruising as a different travel option than I thought it would be. Friends told me that they don’t usually do this as it is only for the oldies. But after experiencing one, upon the invitation of the Philippines’s fastest growing budget airline, AirPhil Express and cruise leader Star Cruises, I say, I changed my mind.

Airphil Express and Star Cruises invited us bloggers for a familiarization cruise tour from Singapore to Malaysia aboard the latter’s Super Star Virgo, a full service cruise ship. It was a lot different experience, another different way of traveling. And it was good. It’s just not your usual vacation but two leaders in budget air travel and cruising comes together in AirPhil Express’s Fly and Sail AdvenTour Package promo is a different kind of trip! Filipinos are not so much into cruising and many would dismiss it as mostly for the oldies. But after having experienced this one of a kind cruise in Singapore and Malaysia (upon the invitation of the airline), I can definitely say that this is worth it.

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