Cordova in Mactan Island is not only a good vantage point for scenic views of Cebu City but, foremost of all, it is the acknowledged pabuto or firecracker center of the province. The firecracker industry here has been running for around three decades already and every December, small scale makers start this seasonal endeavor.

During the holiday season, the best place to go for cheap and affordable products is no other than Divisoria in Manila. Think of this as one giant marketplace for such goods like original or bootleg, local and imported items from food, clothes to decors and other bric-a-brac that overwhelms in terms of variety. All at almost rock bottom prices. Shops and stalls can be found inside the malls like the popular 168, sidestreets, and just every space available overtaken by vendors and shoppers alike. This is MULTIMEDIA post.

You will know that Christmas is fast approaching when at the start of the “-ber” months carols are already played and the season’s decors are already on sale. Along the highways in major cities in the country especially in Metro Manila, enterprising individuals are turning dark corners and unused portions into bright places as they set up their makeshift stalls selling these dazzling Pinoy symbols: the parol or Christmas lantern.

Speak of Simbang Gabi and one thing comes to mind: FOOD of which the bibingka (rice cake) and puto bumbong are two popular fares associated with this religious activity, or with Christmas, even if its available all year round. These are usually found just outside the church gates and after mass, people stop to buy. However, while these two are true for those living in Metro Manila and probably in the Tagalog region, it is not traditional in my home province of Cebu.