A cacophony of drums and shouts of merriment came out of nowhere, breaking the lazy morning vibe. I just finished my breakfast of banban, a smorgasbord of traditional Tausug delicacies often served in the coffeeshops of Tawitawi. The sounds grew louder as three boats locally called timpel and used around the shallow waterways of Sitangkai emerged from just behind a stilt house, passed under one of the many wooden footbridges between houses and disappeared into a bend.  It was loaded with people with a few…Continue Reading “Photoessay: Sama circumcision, a Sitangkai ritual”

Traveling Mindanao

I can no longer count the number of times that I have been traveling Mindanao. From summer visits in my father’s hometown in Tangub, Misamis Occidental during my elementary days to solo forays in the hinterlands of Bukidnon when I was a telecom engineer to doing a book project in Sitangkai in Tawitawi which was closer to Malaysia than to the provincial capital. But there have been serendipitous trips, unexpected discoveries that just surprises you to the hilt. The good thing? Whether you’re from Luzon…Continue Reading “Unexpected discoveries while traveling Mindanao”

Necropolis, the city of the dead. Like in any cultures, Filipinos have a deep respect for the departed ancestors. From prehispanic, Spanish colonial era to modern times, tribes and modern society, cemeteries in the Philippines provide an interesting aspect of its culture, architecture and other practices. In this list, I’ve compiled some noteworthy sites covering the modern era, notable architecture, tribal practices and even the quirky, gathered from years of extensive travels around the country. 1 Libingan ng mga Bayani (Taguig City, Metro Manila) It’s…Continue Reading “10 interesting cemeteries in the Philippines you should visit”

Travel is a palliative for the weary soul/sole. And the best thing that happens when we are out there? Getting our own wow moments! Wow as in surprised at such spectacular sceneries. Or in awe at such beautiful experiences. It comes unexpected or what you just read or see in photos and books, you are experiencing it first hand. Everytime we think about it, it makes us smile and makes us relieve such wonderful memories. In no particular order, these are my WOW MOMENTS this…Continue Reading “Langyaw.com’s 10 wow moments of 2014”

It was an apt cap for a Tawitawi trip that found me and my ex visiting a white sand beach in Bongao, three years ago to the month. The sky was clear, the weather great, the water was inviting and the company memorable. As the sun was racing to the horizon, we were there at the beach for a frolic. We brought a marang fruit which was then in season and openly sold at the Chinese pier. It was luscious, the pulp thick and sweet,…Continue Reading “An afternoon frolic at a Tawitawi beach resort”