It was a festival of sorts at the A Ma Temple in Macau, the oldest Taoist temple in the island, built in 1488 and dedicated to the goddess Matsu, patron of fishermen and seafarers. The area was festive with Portuguese influenced dances as locals were dressed in traditional Portuguese wear at the open area outside the walls. But it was the huge structure of tarp and bamboo that caught my attention, several meters from the temple entrance and was delighted to know that it was…Continue Reading “Chinese opera during a festival in Macau”

There are so many things in Macau that for the uninitiated, will be surprised by the variety this small territory has to offer. It’s not at all a sin city that is governed by the roll of a dice, the flash of cards, or the turn of the roulette at the casino. Macau is one interesting enclave that is a blend of the old and the new, the exotic and the familiar.