It’s October and that only means one thing: OCTOBERFEST!!! But will you just go to any Octoberfest celebration in the country, especially in Metro Manila? Of course, no! Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila and the German Club (founded 1906 in Manila) will be hosting the 76th Octoberfest and it will be one fun filled event that you should not forget! If last year’s two day event is any indication, just think about the numbers: 31,200 Maß beer (traditional one liter mug) consumed in a span of…Continue Reading “Where to celebrate true Octoberfest in Manila”

Zamboanga City is proud of its diverse culture with several Muslim tribes and its Spanish heritage making it a unique city in the country. For the traveler and tourist, there are two interesting places to observe as well as buy traditional woven products without the hassle of going out of the city. Do check these out for textiles, mats and other handicrafts. These are just along the highway and easily reached. You can also arrange with the regional office of the Department of Tourism, +63…Continue Reading “Where to buy tribal woven products in Zamboanga City”

We Filipinos are very fond of pasalubongs, gifts that we buy at places we visited for folks back home. Be it food, clothing, trinkets or handicrafts, its almost a must do before heading home. But one of the biggest hassles of buying these? Most, or generally, products that we want as pasalubongs, especially if these are beyond the usual ref magnets and sweets, are often found in other locations. And usually, because of the lack of time, we often forego buying items that we want….Continue Reading “Where to easily shop in Dapitan City”

Well, when I saw this in my archives, one thing just cross my mind: make a More fun in the Philippines meme! And here it is! The photo was taken when I was in Sanga-sanga in Tawitawi, going around and stopping every now and then to take photos. I stopped at a bridge near the sea that offers a spectacular view of Bongao Peak rising from the plains. I did got my shot and while sitting on the bridge, just observing people and taking images…Continue Reading “Drag racing. More fun in the Philippines”

I was walking one afternoon in the deserted streets of Simunul Island in Tawitawi when, from a distance, I heard a giggle. I turned my head into the direction of the sound and found two young women by the door of their house. They were dressed in jeans and shirt but what was interesting about these ladies were the white powdery paints on their faces. Borak, they told me when I approached them and politely greeted and asked what they had on their faces. I…Continue Reading “Painted faces of women in Simunul Island”