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Travel Guide: A leisurely 3 days in Makassar

Makassar, the fifth largest city in Indonesia has long been a trading center that when Portuguese sailors landed in 1511, it was already a thriving entrepot where Chinese, Arabs, Siamese, Malays and Indians traded with manufactured goods, textiles, camphor, pearls and spices. The Dutch arrival in the 17th century marked colonial rule when the city […]


Where to stay

Delicious vegetarian food in Naga City

Naga City is known for its good food. The Magsaysay Ave. food strip is a popular hangout and dining destination for most families, friends and visitors. There’s a variety of restaurants and bars to chose from catering to different budgets. But for the vegan, there’s none. And you will be hardpressed where to look, unless […]

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Calayan homestay

When in Calayan town proper, there’s really no problem with where to stay. There is an organized homestay program with eleven homeowners but this post will only focus on two that I know and stayed at.

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