Payling's Restaurant

Delicious home cooked food at Payling’s

It was gorgeous. A white, probably a 50s or 60s two storey wooden house with an austere facade whose architecture is dominated by planes and lines and squares. Beautifully mounted at the center of a white space, the red script of Payling’s was bold, contrasting with the smaller font of the Restaurant located below it. […]


Where to stay

Cooling the heat with streetside halo-halo

It’s summer and the weather’s just too hot and humid. What better way than to cool the heat off with halo-halo? Go to any place within the country and one is sure to find streetside halo-halo in various forms with various ingredients. And these are very cheap compared with those found in malls and restaurants. Prices can range between P10 to just as high as P40 ($0.20 – $1) and one can already have a filling and enjoyable fare.

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