Paraw Regatta

Stunningly beautiful, colorful sails at the Paraw Regatta

The crowd has already gathered at the beach in Villa Arevalo in Iloilo that morning as colorful sails of the paraws, native outrigger boats lined the shores. It was low tide and the sea was about a hundred meters away. It was festive with many photographers, onlookers and locals congregating at the shore, only to […]


Where to stay

Carcar food
7 foodstops in Cebu: Carcar | part 5

Around one and half hours travel south of Cebu City, the heritage town of Carcar provides a welcome break from the typical urban sprawl that characterizes the city and municipalities that lies before reaching this place. Antillan designed houses, typical bahay-na-bato that has stood the test of time as well as the onion like dome, of the 19th century neoclassic church with elements of baroque make Carcar a unique town.

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