When traveling local gets repetitive, this is the best answer!

I should admit that when it comes to traveling the Philippines, I know it almost like the back of my hand. I travel every month anywhere, anytime but unfortunately, it has become repetitive for me. Same Filipino faces, same languages: Tagalog, Ilongo, Cebuano, same smell and same taste. Of course, there are still surprises like […]


Where to stay

7 foodstops in Cebu: Liloan | part 4

Liloan is just 18 kilometers north of Cebu City and can be reached within, depending on traffic, 20 – 30 minutes by jeepney. It’s a welcome change from often chaotic and the uninteresting structures of Mandaue City and the town of Consolacion. Mention this town and four things come to my mind and Titays is one of these. Yes, that food stop that has become an institution which celebrated it’s centennial last 2007.

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