map_dumaguete.gif If all things went as planned, I would’ve touched down in Dumaguete last Thursday to spend two days there and visit Dauin, Zamboanguita, Bacong, Amlan and Manjuyod for those old colonial era churches as well as have a taste of budbod kabog (steamed sweetened millet wrapped in banana leaves) that can often be found in the southern city. Or taking a whiff of fresh air in the coastal boulevard that is well lighted at night. Or visiting the park to watch city folks enjoying a night of dancing.

But instead of being there, I’m in Makati ruing on my supposed Negros/Iloilo trip. All I can do is look back on the photos that I’ve taken almost exactly a year ago.


Endiosdada Abellana-Eskarpnes, a balikbayan from Scandinavia boogies away the night with her dance partner as one of the couples enjoying a good time at the park in Dumaguete City.

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map_baguio.gif Baguio City conjures images of misty mountains, cool weather and denizens neatly bundled in jackets even if Metro Manila is sizzling in high temperatures during the hot summer months. But what about Baguio City on a wet weekend with the ITCZ (intertropical convergent zone) playing up in this part of the world bringing the occasional rains and drizzles and just wet, wet weather? Not bad!

No trips to the strawberry fields or the obligatory pony ride at Wright Park. Not even a strenuous climb up the steps leading to the grotto or a trite view of Mines View Park and other tourist traps. Just a stroll up and down Session Road exercising ones leg muscles and a trip to the market. Or sitting and sipping a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee where, because of the weather, its not just another ordinary brewed beverage but it is COFFEE. Or enjoying bowl of not just mami or lugaw but MAMI or LUGAW.

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It seems that I cannot stay long in a particular place. I’m always moving and in my 9 years of being a telecoms engineer, I have worked in Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro and then in Makati. My transfers were either voluntary or offered to me and I always say yes, always seeing that there’s something new for me. With my Makati stint, I didn’t realize that this change would be too great.

Travel history: Mindanao 2000 - 2004

I’m tracing my travel history from 1974 up to the present. This post is 4th of 5 in the series.

I just can’t explain it. But it seems I cannot just keep put in Cebu. After three years working in my home province, I felt that I need to move out again. When the mobile switch in the telecoms company that I worked in opened in Davao, I was the first one to be assigned there as I volunteered. Nevermind if I don’t have family there. I thought, if I made it in Manila for five years without the next of kin then there was no difference with Davao.

In my four years in Mindanao, I spent half and half in Davao and Cagayan de Oro cities

  • Except for places beyond Tigbao in Zamboanga del Sur and Basilan, I have visited each and every province either for work or liesure.
  • I made my first and only visit to Siargao and Bucas Grande
  • no longer collecting butterflies, I switched to collecting beetles and often frequented Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, Davao del Norte, Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon where I had contacts

Being based in Mindanao did not hinder me in going out to more far and remote places:

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I’m tracing my travel history from 1974 up to the present. This post is 3rd of 5 in the series.

After graduating in college, I went back to Cebu and found work in a telecoms company. The beauty of it? It again afforded me to travel to places that I haven’t gone to or even imagined of going to!

As I was a field engineer, my area was Central and Eastern Visayas but was later on expanded to cover the whole of Visayas and Mindanao:

  • I have often been to Bohol and the Camotes Islands
  • I was frequenting Ormoc and Tacloban and a brief visit to the south in Leyte
  • Southern Negros was another place that I was visiting time and again

When my area was expanded to include Mindanao:

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