Travel history 1974 - highschool

I’m tracing my travel history from 1974 up to the present. This post starts this series of 5.

I really don’t have much recollection of the travels outside of Cebu that I had during my childhood up until the end of my high school years except for a hazy recollection of accompanying my parents in Manila when I was still little and a vacation in Camiguin island off north Mindanao during high school. This was with the aspirants in the school’s seminary. Still there seems to be another vague memory of going to Ozamiz, to my father’s relatives.

Other than these, it was just within Cebu usually with my mother in the occasional trips at Fairmart, and Gaisano or watching movies in Colon. When I was already in high school, of course, there were the usual trips and gimmicks with my classmates.

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map_cdo.gif The jeepney from Ketkai pulled to a stop as I signaled the driver to when I reached Agora, more specifically known as the old bus terminal just beside the market in the fast growing city of Cagayan de Oro in the northern-central part of Mindanao.

Yellow buses of Bachelor Lines located at the left side lined the first few rows. Some are airconditioned, comfy and spankingly new while some are just plain ordinary, waiting for passengers to ferry to the distant northeast that is Butuan and Surigao along the winding coastal roads.

A few more rows ahead, the red buses of Rural Bus occupied the rest of the slots, waiting for people bound to the southern and central part of this huge island tracing the ridges and spines of the cordilleras.

Bus terminals. How I delight in entering one. Looking through each and every vehicle’s wooden or plastic karatula (signboards) for my specific destination and choosing what to take depending on the level of comfort or availability of the bus that I have to ride.

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