Bangued longanisa

Quick fix to an evening longanisa crave in Bangued

I love the garlicky longanisa (native sausages) of north Luzon and whenever I get to the Ilocos region, be it in Laoag or Vigan, I make it a point to have some, grilled. But when I did arrive in Bangued in Abra on an evening, tired and hungry, I saw from the bus that there […]


Where to stay

En route, Part 3: Batchoy almost left me broke

Credit it to forgetfulness, nay, time chasing, that a meal of 70 pesos ($1.50) almost left me broke in Iloilo City as I was en route to Cebu via Bacolod City. Good thing, technology and the internet coupled with the wonders of Western Union played important roles and saved the day. So to speak.

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