Bangued longanisa

Quick fix to an evening longanisa crave in Bangued

I love the garlicky longanisa (native sausages) of north Luzon and whenever I get to the Ilocos region, be it in Laoag or Vigan, I make it a point to have some, grilled. But when I did arrive in Bangued in Abra on an evening, tired and hungry, I saw from the bus that there […]


Where to stay

She got titillated at the Manila Ocean Park?

Titillated at the Manila Ocean Park? It’s possible but that’s going ahead of the story…

I immediately confirmed my participation to visit the Manila Ocean Park upon the invitation of a friend for a media tour. Even if it has been open for sometime, I still haven’t been there since I was procrastinating time and again. When I did made the tour, I was wide eyed with wonder.

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