Teaser: waterfall rappelling in CamSur

Adrenaline rush! My heart pumped wildly as I was getting cold feet, literally, as I was on top of Nalalata Falls and figuratively as I was rethinking of rappelling down the rockface of a waterfall! But it proved to be irresistible (and lots of coaxing) that I finally had to do it. But that’s too […]


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Cebu puso
Puso: Cebu’s heart of rice

PUSO, is quite obiquitous and, like the Sto. Nino, lechon and dried mangoes, it is one of Cebu’s iconic images. this biodegradable, handy and traditional food pouch was said to be exlusively for the deity’s pleasure is now everyday street food paired with barbecued pork, chicken, seafood and entrails in various streetside foodstalls. Your trip to Cebu will never be complete without a bite of this unique food.

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