map_mati.gif Mati, being the capital of Davao Oriental is the main economic hub of this southeastern province. I know this place as more of a transit point for trips going up to the coastal municipalities than as a tourist destination. Being stuck and with nothing much to do here, what better way to kill time and enjoy than to go for a swim?

Located a few kilometers south is Masao Beach with floating kiosks. The water is clean and shallow, white sand bottom and with patches of sea grass. Its far from the main road and will guarantee a quite time. You can either bring your food or have it cooked.


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map_mati.gif On an ordinary day, the highway leading to the municipality of Gov. Generoso in the middle of the western side of the long and narrow peninsula of Davao Oriental is lonely. Except perhaps for the occasional bus or private vehicle traveling to Mati, the province’s capital or to Tagum in Davao del Norte. Sometimes, a habalhabal, a motorized public transport, passes filled with passengers. And on other times, local people going about their way walking on foot along the roadsides.

Fishermen going about their business casting their nets or cruising at sea provides a welcome respite to the roadside scenery monotony. Just a few minutes after the sun has set behind Samal Is. and stopping at an elevated area with a clearing overlooking the sea, you can find folks wading in the still and shallow waters. At the background, the lofty mountains of Compostela Valley loom.


Gov. Generoso is a small sleepy town. Lazy afternoons are spent at the coast. Atop docked boats, these two women are busy preening.

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map_cdo.gif I really don’t know why the Agora bus terminal in the city of Cagayan de Oro always fascinates me. Its a modest strip of land just beside the Agora market in the often chaotic part that is just near the pier.

It is bisected by a short two lane road where the buses come and go. On each side is the covered bus bays, housing eateries, turo turo style, side by side with regular pasalubong stalls and a few ticket booths. In between these stalls are dilapidated red plastic seats on an iron frame with some of these seats already missing. Here passengers and sometimes their luggage takes up the available space.

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map_cdo.gif It was a marketing plan hatched by the city government of Cagayan de Oro that the night cafe sprung to life in 2004, probably a first in Mindanao. Located in the open air plaza in Divisoria, the roads leading to this area are blocked off as early as 5 o’clock in the afternoon every Friday and Saturday. With this novel idea, it became an instant hit that it seems, the entire population of this city and nearby environs descended, partly curious, partly excited at this new gimik venue where families and friends gather.

Square monobloc tables and chairs are set in the open spaces along with rectangular tables laden with various food ranging from pasta, grilled items, native dishes as well as international cuisine and sandwiches. Coolers filled with refreshments and bottles of beer. Most vendors cook on the spot. As for the food, its really hit and miss.

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