Tints and Tones Fashion Crafts

Creativity and style in handicrafts from Naga City

I have great respect for entrepreneurs who, despite their life situation, doesn’t see these as hindrances but as challenges and then really make things happen. In the course of being in Naga City, upon the invitation of the Arts, Culture and Tourism Office (ACTO), two businesses were introduced to us bloggers: a young entrepreneur and […]


Where to stay

She got titillated at the Manila Ocean Park?

Titillated at the Manila Ocean Park? It’s possible but that’s going ahead of the story…

I immediately confirmed my participation to visit the Manila Ocean Park upon the invitation of a friend for a media tour. Even if it has been open for sometime, I still haven’t been there since I was procrastinating time and again. When I did made the tour, I was wide eyed with wonder.

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