Sugbusog 2015

Best of Cebuano cuisine at Sugbusog 2015

I got excited seeing the dishes laid out at the different sections of Cafe Marco: balbacua, bam-i, kinupsan, mais, crab relleno, nilung-ag nga saging with ginamos, linusak, biko and masareal. These are the food that I grew up with in Cebu, very familiar but didn’t expect it to be served in this five star hotel’s […]


Where to stay

7 foodstops in Cebu: Catmon/Borbon & Argao | part 2

When passing the towns of Catmon and Borbon, don’t forget to get a mouthful of these place’s delicacy in the form of the budbud kabog and bibingka. Down south, when in the vicinity of Argao town, have a bliss when you endulge in the town’s special delicacy, torta.

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