Manila Bay cruise

Cruising to see a different yet beautiful side of Manila

I never expected that Manila by the bay can be so beautiful, especially late in the afternoon! The M/V Spirit of Manila revved up its engine as the late afternoon’s cruise started. I didn’t know what to expect except that after arriving from an overnight stay in Corregidor, we boarded another vessel just opposite the […]


Where to stay

Bibingka, puto bumbong and simbang gabi

Speak of Simbang Gabi and one thing comes to mind: FOOD of which the bibingka (rice cake) and puto bumbong are two popular fares associated with this religious activity, or with Christmas, even if its available all year round. These are usually found just outside the church gates and after mass, people stop to buy. However, while these two are true for those living in Metro Manila and probably in the Tagalog region, it is not traditional in my home province of Cebu.

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