Engkanto Falls

Be enchanted with Engkanto Falls

It was already afternoon when we arrived in Barangay Bikal in Libmanan, Camarines Sur embarking to explore a waterfall that has intrigued me ever since a friend, Wyne, of Naga Excursions, our host, told me about this one. Engkanto Falls, said to be stunning and beautiful that it has stoked my curiosity and really made […]


Where to stay

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I just have to give in, surrender in Davao City

I needed a jolt, a caffeine kick that will really convince me that I’m indeed back in Davao City. Not just any kind of drink but one that is spiked and infused with, some say, a malodorant that is sure to assault the olfactory senses. I just have to give in and surrender.

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