Clarin House of Suman

Sumptuous rice cakes at Clarin’s House of Suman

Piles and piles of neatly arranged suman, a type of rice cake that is elongated and wrapped in banana leaves greets the visitors upon entering Clarin’s House of Suman. But what really brings in the surprise is discovering that there are several different kinds and fillings that make these native delicacies a treat. Clarin is […]


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Cebu puso
Puso: Cebu’s heart of rice

PUSO, is quite obiquitous and, like the Sto. Nino, lechon and dried mangoes, it is one of Cebu’s iconic images. this biodegradable, handy and traditional food pouch was said to be exlusively for the deity’s pleasure is now everyday street food paired with barbecued pork, chicken, seafood and entrails in various streetside foodstalls. Your trip to Cebu will never be complete without a bite of this unique food.

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