Strawberry ice cream

Baguio’s strawberry flavored dirty ice cream is actually good

You see these sorbeteros, ”dirty’ ice cream vendors ubiquitously peddling this singular flavor around the tourist traps of Baguio City and La Trinidad near the strawberry fields. Just like the taho vendors, they’re cashing in on anything with strawberry in it, ice cream included. And like pesky touts in these kind of places, they can […]


Where to stay

Kinalas is comfort food. Brain slices optional

The first time I learned about kinalas, a popular noodle dish in Naga City, I was queasy. The thought of eating pork brain gives me goosebumps. It is one part of an animal that I avoid and this one is said to contain this organ. But my curiosity got me and I didn’t look back.

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Ang Langyaw