10 interesting things to do in Kalibo

10 interesting things to do in Kalibo

Kalibo is the capital town of Aklan but other than the Ati-atihan, it is just known for as another entry/exit point for Boracay. But a look around the municipality, there are some interesting places as well as food for the adventurer willing to discover what she has to offer. This list is a compilation of […]


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Ibos-ibos at Chef Doy’s is ecstasy

I was overwhelmed with its taste. A hard to grasp but distantly familiar flavor exploding inside my mouth that I just have to close my eyes and revel in gustatory ecstasy. Ibos-ibos, a fusion rice concoction of a Filipino native delicacy at Chef Doy’s was one of two unforgettable experiences I had in Naga City, Camarines Sur.

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