Pitogo Bay

Enjoying the shallow waters at Pitogo Bay’s edge

It must have been high tide as the only patch of white sand at our lunch stop along Pitogo Bay somewhere in the southeastern part of Caramoan was partially submerged. But it didn’t stop me from taking off my shirt, placed my wallet and mobile phones inside my bag and plunge into the water. It […]


Where to stay

This ain’t a fire breathin’ dragon

Fruits in Davao City? You name it! From durians, to mangosteens to pomelos, rambutans and marangs. There are lots to chose from. But there is another one, strange looking, small, and rather curious and fleshy: the yellow dragon fruit (Selenicereus megalanthus) is sweeter and better tasting than it’s red/pinkish cousin (genus Hylocereus). This, I’ve found only in Davao City.

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