WOW! That was all I can utter as islands upon spectacular islands of El Nido, the nest, as it is known for the high quality swift nests that are prized in Chinese restaurants, was unfolding herself to me. With mouth agape and in disbelief, I was in awe, I was in astonishment, I was in love. Soaring cliffs, jagged rock faces, jutting out from the sea that all these seems so surreal yet wonderfully spectacular that it burns into the mind and sears into memory….Continue Reading “Stunning El Nido in Palawan”

I went to the edge of the bamboo walkway that doubles as a corral for the fishpen of Lake Buhi Resort where I was staying for a few days. The sun hasn’t risen from the horizon but I was already mesmerized by the scene unfolding before me. Mayon Volcano, with all its graciousness and beauty was peeking, a few clouds hovered over her as the sun’s golden rays started to bathe it. Beside it was Mt. Masaraga, still covered with clouds. In the foreground, a…Continue Reading “Enchanting, beautiful Lake Buhi”

We stopped at a dirt road just before a beautiful wooden bridge made from bamboo. Beyond it, were native bamboo houses neatly lined up in one part and another just beside the river. To the left were other bamboo buildings that were bigger in size, more open and there was a beehive of activity. There on the bamboo floor were several Mangyan men, women and children of different ages, busily weaving handicrafts that this Mangyan Village in Sitio Talipanan, Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental is known…Continue Reading “Beautiful handicrafts at a Mangyan village”

I entered the Monfort property in Brgy. Tambo in Samal City and came into one of the corralled areas. As I edged closer to the cave’s opening, the temperature rose, the hissing sounds grew louder and the musky, ammonia like odor grew stronger. This should be it, I’m near… Like some creepy horror film, there, on the ground, beside a big creepily formed tree was a hole in the ground. A black hole teeming with creatures that makes your hair stand up. With the sounds…Continue Reading “Have you been to the biggest bat colony in the Philippines?”

Mt Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary has just been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! It’s the 6th and newest for the Philippines as declared in the 38th session of the World Heritage Committee in Doha Qatar, announced today, 23 June 2014. New #WorldHeritage site: Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary (Philippines) — UNESCO (@UNESCO) June 23, 2014 It is also the first World Heritage Site found in the major island of Mindanao. From the UNESCO website Tentative list: Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary in…Continue Reading “Mt. Hamiguitan Range, new UNESCO World Heritage Site”