Wtf…! Is that it? Just like that? All with simple tools and a bit of manipulation? Wow! As in WOW!!! You see it in many restaurant front displays. You pass by it in food courts and look at it when you order food. And when you’re in Japan, almost all restaurants have it. Sometimes, it even looks better than the actual food you order. And I just found out that in Gujo, a city in Gifu (Central Japan), making fake food for displays, or better…Continue Reading “Its fun making fake food in Japan”

I got excited upon seeing the urban landscape that is Bangkok from the glass windows of Altitude, Westin Bangkok’s rooftop function space at the 25th floor. But more so when Nicole led me to the terrace overlooking downtown. I got exhilarated and gazed at the spread of buildings and structures built in various times, in different sizes and different design. I went to the triangular viewdeck that gives you a better view below and marveled at the beautiful scenery. It was rather overcast and a…Continue Reading “Bangkok CBD urban landscape up close”

The bed. The lush carpeting. The mildly but pleasingly fragrant leaf shaped soap. Funny how these small things, little things that one tend to just overlook especially in a very busy and vibrant city like Bangkok can be interesting and make me notice. And these little things, among many other aspects made my stay at Westin Bangkok’s deluxe room memorable. It has been 15 years since I’ve last been to Bangkok and coming back to this city has been kind of a surprise with so…Continue Reading “Luxurious comfort at a Westin Bangkok suite”

October is a busy month for travels! This afternoon, I just arrived in Bangkok, my fourth visit to this beautiful capital city since 2000 and will be staying here till the 25th of which, I will be flying back to Davao via Manila. I initially planned to just travel to Indonesia for two weeks when I scored a promo fare in early September. You see, I still haven’t visited the largest archipelagic nation in the world (now, I did! Check here) but due to some…Continue Reading “Currently traveling in 3 countries this October”

I really had no other plans in Tokyo except to make it as a transit point for Kyoto, my main destination in my first trip in Japan. But I stayed for two nights to see some interesting architecture by Japanese architects who are Pritzker Architecture Prize winners. I left the capsule hotel and wandered aimlessly in the direction of Ueno Park which was just a stone’s throw from where I stayed for the night. The day was hot and humid and it was already past…Continue Reading “No plans in Tokyo, but, hey look at that temple!”