Tokyo Metro

Visiting Japan has been very convenient than ever and for many Filipinos and most international tourists, Tokyo is almost on everyone’s bucket list. But despite the ease, it can be overwhelming at times. Other than the language barrier, the second most significant concern, I think, is how to go around the city and visit the different tourist spots and shopping areas? Or how does one get to this particularly good Michelin starred restaurant? The answer: take the Tokyo Metro. In this post, I’m listing the…Continue Reading “10 Reasons why you should take the Tokyo Metro”

I’ve always wanted to see the famous cherry blossoms in Japan but in the two years that I’ve been traveling to that country since last year, wasn’t really able to time my trips during Spring. But then, I was told that we will be seeing the cherry blossoms during an invitational trip early this month. November? Cherry blossoms? I was intrigued. I was also ecstatic. To see cherry blossoms in November at the height of autumn. Wow. And the images of white and pink cherry…Continue Reading “Shikizakura, Aichi’s cherry blossoms in autumn”

It was monumental. Grand. And I was awestruck at the spaciousness of the interior of the Dôme des Invalides. From the paintings of Charles de la Fosse at the underside of the dome, finished in 1705, to the ornate baldachin at the altar. So grand and spacious that visitors, including me were all dwarfed. But I wasn’t here to hear mass, the space, a former royal chapel built at the southern part of the Hospital des Invalides upon the orders of Louis XIV, was converted,…Continue Reading “Looking down on Napoleon Bonaparte at the Domes des Invalides”

The breeze was cool and comforting, as I gazed down the Han River, enjoying a quite afternoon in Jeoldu-san. The promontory has great views of this part of Mapo-gu, in Seoul. The trees provided a much needed shade, rustling gently while the sound of birds and vehicles passing the motorway merged. Although serene and peaceful, Jeoldu-san has a dark history, going back to the 19th century when Catholics were being persecuted. In fact, Jeoldu-san, literally means beheading mountain, when it was used in the 1860s…Continue Reading “Peace & serenity in Jeoldu-san, Seoul’s beheading mountain”

I started out early from my hotel in Kyoto and went to Kyoto Station and head to Fushimi Inari Taisha, the very popular Inari shrine made famous for its vermilion torii tunnel which is just very close by. The morning was cool with sunny blue skies and there were already several visitors to the shrine when I got there. I stopped to admire the massive torii at the entrance and it marks the boundary of the mundane with the spiritual. It signals that you are…Continue Reading “Under the vermilion torii gates of Inari Shrine”