So many things are happening right now that I almost forgot, last Friday, this travel blog turned 8 years old! Yes, its that long. Amidst the heavy rain in Cebu, and despite the raging fever and chills, I hauled myself to the airport and took my flight to Surigao City. And instead of heading to Siargao Island, I instead spent the past days holed up in a bed and breakfast, recovering. 8 years is quite long for blogging. And its no mean feat especially that…Continue Reading “At 8, Langyaw looks ahead”

If not for the hefty servings of the five course dinner, I would have consumed each and everything. Alas, I had to say yes when the waiter offered to send the remaining apple pie cheesecake to the room. It was just too wasteful if thrown away for such a delicious dessert. It was a sating night as Chef Bruce prepared a Cajun themed dinner at the Ocean Restaurant. Large plates, big servings and delectable too. Probably it just so happened that that night there were…Continue Reading “Cajun themed dishes at Ocean Restaurant Palawan”

Much to my surprise when I got to the Ecoland bus terminal in Davao City, seeing for the first time the new buses of Rural Transit Mindanao Inc. (RTMI). It was big, huge, in fact compared to their usual airconditioned and deluxe buses with plush seating, cavernous baggage compartment and a built in toilet! It seats 49 passengers and is probably the first in Mindanao, if Super 5, that other big company that plies the CDO-Iligan route hasn’t beaten it yet. Mindanao, although the second…Continue Reading “Rural Transit has new buses in its routes”

I love coffee and ever since I have been drinking this one, I have always wanted to learn how brewing is done, the correct way. We used to have a brewer, the drip type that my father used way back when we were still children and I have yet to discover the joys of black coffee. So within minutes when Yolk Cafe posted in their Instagram account about their Home Brewing Sessions, a Saturday’s only coffee event, I immediately sent a message through their Facebook…Continue Reading “Home brewing session at the Yolk Cafe in Cebu”

The afternoon was uneventful when I arrived via a jeepney at Red Beach, the historic site where Gen. Douglas McArthur and his party landed in 20 October 1944 that started the end of the Japanese invasion in the Philippines in World War II. I was bored that day and to pass time, visited this place from Tacloban. The sun was already casting a warm glow on the statues. There were no other visitors except me and a couple of locals who were sitting at one…Continue Reading “Skim boarders during a lazy afternoon at Red Beach”