Adrenaline rush! My heart pumped wildly as I was getting cold feet, literally, as I was on top of Nalalata Falls and figuratively as I was rethinking of rappelling down the rockface of a waterfall! But it proved to be irresistible (and lots of coaxing) that I finally had to do it. But that’s too much to tell, for now. For the meantime, enjoy this video of a section of a rappel down the beautiful Nalalata Falls in Bula, Camarines Sur. Thanx to the Arts,…Continue Reading “Teaser: waterfall rappelling in CamSur”

You see these sorbeteros, ”dirty’ ice cream vendors ubiquitously peddling this singular flavor around the tourist traps of Baguio City and La Trinidad near the strawberry fields. Just like the taho vendors, they’re cashing in on anything with strawberry in it, ice cream included. And like pesky touts in these kind of places, they can bug you to buy from them while ringing their little bells and calling out to passing tourists. But I got curious when we were walking to the strawberry fields in…Continue Reading “Baguio’s strawberry flavored dirty ice cream is actually good”

It piqued my interest when I read from Journeying James about the one peso pork barbecue in Pagadian that I decided to see it for myself when I visited over the weekend. Although there was no specific locality indicated except that it’s near Plaza Luz, tricycle drivers know where it is. And when I actually saw it? I laughed. Hahaha Yes, the one peso pork barbecue really exist but darn, it’s just two small pieces, one lean and one of fat skewered with a thin…Continue Reading “One peso pork barbecue. Hahaha”

Every one of our 520 small, independent hotels has one thing in common: excellence. We’ve carefully selected each one to celebrate their individuality, quirks and character, but also make sure they are of a consistently high standard. We don’t settle for ‘so so’… Sophisticated beach resort beside White Beach, the most prestigious stretch of coast on Boracay island SLH.COM That’s how Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH.COM) describe its member hotels and their description of Discovery Shores. But its one thing to read it…Continue Reading “One of world’s best small luxury resorts is in Boracay”

I’ve been to Boracay countless times and it was only in December last year that I first got to taste chori burger while on assignment for a regional inflight magazine. Chori burger, for the uninitiated is actually not a burger but just slices of chorizo, grilled, including the bun. A special spicy-sweet sauce completes the sandwich. It is one of Boracay’s simple yet quite popular street food. I didn’t go to Mely’s BBQ, a stall along Station 1 who is said to have started this…Continue Reading “Should you try Boracay’s chori burger?”