Delicious ube brazo at La Paz Bakery

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Soft and sweet with real ube goodness!
Soft and sweet with real ube goodness!

I love Iloilo! There’s always reason to look forward to like food, of which I frequent Madge Cafe and Netong’s Batchoy, almost every morning for my batchoy breakfast, old houses and other heritage structures. But there’s another must visit food place in the Old La Paz Market where I go to for dessert: the ube brazo de mercedes of La Paz Bakery.

It’s sumptous! The meringue of the ube brazo is soft and smooth. The delicious sweet center, made from the yolk of eggs and sugar has real ube (purple yam) bits that’s just tender. And you can actually taste the ube goodness in every bite! The slices are thick and the size big enough and at just priced around P25.

La Paz Bakery is located at the corner of the La Paz Market facing the Grand Dame Hotel. It has the staple bread and loaf, local pastries and siopao but I just usually go here for the ube brazo. The chicken siopao though has a sweetish taste.

Do check out the ube brazo de mercedes. It’s really delicious and one of a kind.

What I like most is the sweetish center with real ube bits.
What I like most is the sweetish center with real ube bits.

My Ilongo friend messaged me regarding La Paz Bakery’s ube brazo:

They upped their ube brazo from P350 to P500 in less than a year (2013)! And they also added coloring so it is now a more lurid purple and the artificial color has a peculiar taste that was not there originally.

It was a natural grayish purple. It’s not so much the color than the artificial taste that the coloring gives. Big hit siya the first time I brought some to Cebu. It is still good pero the original version was better. I tested the more expensive and more purple version with a group of foodies and they did not make any comment, positive or negative. They did not finish what was on their plates. With the original version, people were requesting for second servings

La Paz Bakery
Rizal cor Huervana Sts.
La Paz District
Iloilo City

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