Minalabac's White Pebble Beach

A pretty pebbly beach south of Naga City

A long expanse of pebbly beach stretches into the mountain

A long expanse of pebbly beach stretches into the mountain

A wide expanse of beach greeted us. Creamy colored in some portions, white in another. The water was invitingly beautiful as people were swimming in the shallow parts. Coconut trees grew between the grassy parcel of land infront of a large native house while native beach huts sheltered the visitors from the hot midafternoon sun.

We were in Bagolatao, a coastal town of Minalabac, south of Naga City to visit this pebbly beach which only the locals know about. Yes. Not powdery white sand that almost everyone is crazy about. Not the rare red beach which is only found in some distant islets in the country. Or not even black due to volcanic activity. Just simply, white but pebbly beach.

It’s kind of a novelty but not enough to whet the appetite of large scale developers and planeloads and bus loads of tourists. But enough for us, visitors to actually see one that is not the norm. As soon as we disembarked from the van, we scampered right away to the beachfront and marveled at what we saw.

The pebbles are actually of different sizes. Smooth and round. Where it starts at the huts, the pebbles are bigger and white and graduates to smaller ones and creamier in color as it nears the water’s edge. And when you hit the sea, sand greets your feet.

While it may not be powdery white sand, just think of the possibilities. No tourist but only locals. It’s an alternative to far off Caramoan. On weekdays, you will just have the beach all to yourself as you let the smooth pebbles massage your feet. Or you can just lounge at the huts or at the native house’s veranda to enjoy the wind and sip on freshly picked coconuts.

Doze off and just let time pass by.

Small joys.

Priceless experiences.

Beach huts lining the edge of the beach

Beach huts lining the edge of the beach

Pebble beach! A different kind of coastline.

Pebble beach! A different kind of coastline.

A group enjoying the wide expanse of sea

A group enjoying the wide expanse of sea

Rocky but beautiful beach in Minalabac's Bagolatao coast

Rocky but beautiful beach in Minalabac’s Bagolatao coast

Different sizes and colors of pebbles in Minalabac's coastline

Different sizes and colors of pebbles in Minalabac’s coastline

HOW TO GET THERE: From Naga City, head to Minalabac. If you’re riding a private vehicle or hiring one, you can just go directly to Bagolatao’s White Pebble Beach. There are directions once you get to the coast. Or, if you see the Bicol Shell Museum, the beach is directly infront. If you’re on public transport, head to Minalabac and from there are tricycles and probably motorcycles or habalhabal that you can hire. Beach huts are available for rent, cheaply.

Thanx to Naga City Tourism, Naga Excursions

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