I entered the Monfort property in Brgy. Tambo in Samal City and came into one of the corralled areas. As I edged closer to the cave’s opening, the temperature rose, the hissing sounds grew louder and the musky, ammonia like odor grew stronger. This should be it, I’m near… Like some creepy horror film, there, on the ground, beside a big creepily formed tree was a hole in the ground. A black hole teeming with creatures that makes your hair stand up. With the sounds…Continue Reading “Have you been to the biggest bat colony in the Philippines?”

By day, this store is selling custom built, metalworked products but as dusk descends, in come the bowls, hand made noodles and a cauldron full of hot beef broth. Tables and chairs are assembled outside and the first few hungry customers arrive. From Passad metal shop to Pancit-Pancit the noodle house! But that’s just for a start. Dive in to their steaming bowl of beef noodle soup and you will congratulate yourself for such a find. The broth is beefy good, sweetish. The fresh, irregular…Continue Reading “Metal workshop by day, noodle stall by night”

P25?! Are you kidding me? I blurted out in disbelief when a friend told me about this little cafe while in Iligan City. For one who has gobbled up outrageously priced, supposedly trendy cupcakes in Metro Manila, P25 was indeed a steal! But in Iligan, it is said to be already expensive. From the inn I was staying, we walked along Roxas Ave. and after a couple of meters from a big mall, we stopped at a small but nice shop with a cheerful design….Continue Reading “Delicious but cheap cupcakes in Iligan”

Mt Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary has just been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! It’s the 6th and newest for the Philippines as declared in the 38th session of the World Heritage Committee in Doha Qatar, announced today, 23 June 2014. New #WorldHeritage site: Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary (Philippines) http://t.co/TyMo8fwxg0 — UNESCO (@UNESCO) June 23, 2014 It is also the first World Heritage Site found in the major island of Mindanao. From the UNESCO website Tentative list: Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary in…Continue Reading “Mt. Hamiguitan Range, new UNESCO World Heritage Site”

Serviced apartments have come a long way. It used to be that travelers, businessmen and tourists were limited to hotels and budget inns that usually offer only a place for the night. While there were already serviced apartments before, these were limited and the options are dismal. Another thing that worries travelers is this, availability of hotel accommodations not only in the main business districts in various cities of Metro Manila but also at new business hubs that have been sprouting in many sections of…Continue Reading “Where to stay at a modern space in Mandaluyong”