The smell of wild orange kalamundin, the spa’s signature scent, filled the space as I entered the massage room of Crimson Resort’s Aum Spa. The citrusy smell was inviting and relaxed me as the masseuse told me to sit down. My feet were then rubbed and washed with a combination of rock salt and eucalyptus oil and water strewn with petals of different colors. Thus, was the start of my spa ritual. Aum Spa, housed separate from the main Crimson Resort buidling but just a…Continue Reading “Rest and relaxation at Aum Spa”

No. There were no violins serenading us by the table side. Or candle lit dinners with the other holding a fresh bouquet of roses. But Crimson Resort and Spa’s Tempo Restaurant has all the trappings of a well designed interior that screams FINE DINING without the hair raising prices. The lady singer was belting a mellow song as we were led to our table. Although the menu listed some interesting dishes, from appetizers, to main course to desserts, we ordered one there, but we were…Continue Reading “Great food find at Crimson’s Tempo Restaurant”

The night was hot and humid but I was with my ex. Yes, we’ve just parted but we were still seeing each other. Unfortunately. Dating an ex, and the attendant post date sex is a no no. But then, the dying embers still haven’t been put out. I was still hoping to mend what was broken and this was a year and a half ago. We stayed at Mactan Island’s Crimson Resort and Spa and that evening we had drinks at the Azure Pool Bar. I like the…Continue Reading “An evening with the ex at the Azure Pool Bar”

I usually don’t give much thought about food being sold by ambulant vendors in bus terminals. Unless it is something that is different. In many bus terminals around the country, its common to see the same things: junk food, boiled chicken and quail’s eggs, boiled peanuts, water and juices. But there are also exceptions. Whenever one is in Carcar, Cebu, expect to find ampao and chicharon which the town is famous. Pintos in Bogo, Cebu and Libona, Bukidnon to cite a few regional food stuff…Continue Reading “Unexpectedly delicious bibingka from Balasan”

The beat of the drum started as the whistle blew, the cue for the contingent to start. Elaborate headresses done in mostly chicken feathers, colorful costumes and skimpy thongs, it was a riot of dances, chants, shouts and heavily marked with stunning props as tribes romped off and competed in the different stages around Downtown Iloilo City for the Dinagyang 2014. It was fast. Movements became a blur, colors flashed as lady dancers sashayed, while boys were in fighting postures. They kicked up a cloud…Continue Reading “Colorful, wonderful Dinagyang Festival!”