She walked along the White Beach path with her two children in tow. And suddenly, she stopped. Stared, mouth agape. Fascinated, she and her children came closer. Her tots pointed, talking and tugging at her. Within a second, she put her hand inside her handbag while still staring at the rotating pig, soon to be a lechon at a motorized spit just along the path. Out came her mobile camera phone in a pink casing. She took shots and then told her children to pose….Continue Reading “Dispatch: Foreigners fascinated with lechon in Boracay”

Many Filipinos come to Divisoria to shop. But for most kumpradors, wholesalers from the provinces who get their merchandise to sell in their own shops back home probably make up the bulk of bargain shoppers here. It’s no surprise to see, at any given time one is in that veritable bargain shopping paradise are the bulk of purchases made, packed and transported. But for those coming from the provinces, there is always that nagging question: “Where will I/we stay?” Let’s admit it, Divisoria has a…Continue Reading “A safe and comfortable hotel in Divisoria”

It was already night time when, after a ride at the LRT and a jeep, we arrived at the vicinity of Tutuban Centermall in Divisoria, Manila. But at first glance, everything seems to be winding down as stalls inside the mall are one by one closing down. Shoppers with bags filing out and loading into jeepneys and surrounding buildings are already close. But amidst the seeming end of shopping day, I then noticed people setting up stalls around the the mall. Cheap clothes are being…Continue Reading “On the cheap at Divisoria night market”

I arrived a little past 1000H and already, the streets around Quiapo were closed and teeming with people from all walks of life: – male devotees wearing maroon shirts printed with the image of the Christ and, some, their Black Nazarene chapter where they belong, walking barefoot – families and other devotees with replicas and statuettes of the famous icon, angels, the Blessed Virgin, placed atop pedicabs, tricycles, jeeps, trucks to elaborate carrozas were already lining up the streets and people touching or wiping these…Continue Reading “My eyewitness account of the Black Nazarene traslacion”

Jacob Maentz is an American freelance travel and documentary photographer currently based in Cebu City. His passion lies in creating images that communicate a strong sense of place and cultural awareness in unique, challenging situations. His photographs often reflect his background in conservation and explore issues related to the human condition and natural world. Jacob’s primary focus for the past two years has been creating comprehensive photo documentaries for the Katutubong Filipino Project. Ang Langyaw sits down with Jacob Maentz in Cebu City and interviewed…Continue Reading “Interview: Jacob Maentz and The Forgotten Ten Exhibit”