Flawed nomination process in the Philippine Blog Awards?

To be considered as a nominee in the Best Blog division in the Philippine Blog Awards is honor in itself. It means that your blog, a product of hard work, has great content and is worthy of recognition. But what if it got wind of technicalities that the blog owner does not have any control? What are your chances of making it as a finalist in the Best Travel Blog category? ZERO.

Last 22 August, I received an email telling me that my travel blog, Langyaw.com was nominated, however, it was under the entertainment section. After the initial euphoria of hearing the news, I checked their website to clear some doubts and found that it was the wrong category. I sent a clarificatory email and asked that it be transferred to the proper one. Unfortunately, an email from Gail who responded, said, to quote:

Hi Estan,

As much as we would like to allow changing of categories, I’m afraid that we would have to deny your request to be fair to all and to respect the nominator’s decision to nominate you under the Entertainment category. Please note that this is not a reflection on your blog.

Entertainment, as what the organizers define it is:

A blog that focuses on news and commentary about the entertainment industry. This covers the following areas of show business – from television shows, film, popular music and concerts. It may also cover personalities and people involved in show business

while Travel is:

A blog that focuses on the different aspects traveling for an extend period of time from point A to B. It may be a narrative or even an advice post focused on a trip or destination.

However you look at this blog, it can never be under Entertainment. How then are my chances of making it in the list if all I talk about is being fined for breaking a ritual taboo in Batad while the judges are expecting you to talk about chismis and showbiz?

Despite this predicament, I still submitted the required 5 posts:

Crossing my fingers that later they will discuss it and make the corrections. They never did.

Looking at it, I think that there is a flaw in the nomination process. Of course, it is good for the nominating entity to categorize the blog but it is apparent that the organizers doesn’t have a way to correct some errors that might have been committed. My being a nominee is important for my fledging blog but I have to say good bye to opportunities in making it known the shorter route.

What if a person wrongly submitted a blog under the wrong category either intentionally or not? And because there is no way to correct such a major blunder to be fair to all and to respect the nominator’s decision, I guess, I must question the entire process. Despite that it is not a reflection on your blog, anyone who will be reading it wouldn’t find it very difficult to understand. Are there also cases out there that is similar to what I have experienced? Other problems?

Frankly, I’m really disappointed with it. Despite this, life goes on. I just need to keep on blogging and telling my travel stories with or without the Philippine Blog Awards. Sourgraping? Gapahungaw lang ko sa akong gibati.

Update: Despite this setback, Binary Silver made it to the Best Photoblog Category. In the Best Single Post category, two of my posts were included: Travel – How I Broke a Ritual Taboo in Batad and Photoblog: Night Photography in Mactan.

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